Our Story

Dog Rose Films is a production company for the observational documentaries directed and shot by filmmaker Juliet Jordan. Known for her character driven documentary films shot in a direct, observational style, Jordan does all the camera work and has a spartan crew of one to two people. 

Dog Rose Films is named after the hedge rose that grows wild like a weed in the British countryside. Her mother's favorite flower, the dog rose embodies the work that Jordan pursues: beautiful, delicate, and truthful, with an edge.  



Juliet Jordan is a British observational documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jordan is an alumna of National Film and Television School in England. She is trained as a documentary director and camerawoman in the observational tradition. The hallmark of her filmmaking is remaining unobtrusive during the process: shooting handheld camera and using natural lighting. Jordan develops a trust relationship with her subjects over a length of time by respectfully becoming part of their daily lives and events. Distinct from other forms of documentary filmmaking, her films have no script and avoid tripods, formal interviews, infographics, voiceovers, and other staging techniques. Jordan believes that the story and the heart of the film come through the direct engagement with the characters she follows.

Jordan has directed short series for BBC TV (Crime Watch Daily [series], Culture Fix [series], Learning Zone [series]) and produced commercials and pop videos in the UK.

Her most recent film Miriam: Home Delivery was screened at Ambulante Film Festival, Mexico City, and at DOCNYC, where it was named an Official Selection. It is distributed to educational audiences through Cinema Guild and is available on iTunes.

Jordan is now in pre-production for her next documentary that follows a trailblazing doula in Philadelphia.